donderdag 10 juni 2010

All the colors left

All the colors left

Man i dont know what the fuck happened,
i just dont seem to be graspin,
All the reality around my head,
I feel cold and dead lying in my bed,

Suddenly all the colors left,
just saw black and white,
became afraid to be out in the light,
Vegetated in the shadows of fright,

Became dead inside my eye,
saw the world from the other side,
see all the pain and wicked games,
became confused on who to blame,

I just felt down the floor,
of my old colorful world,
started feelin for the homeless and poor,
and disgusted at the ones with no pity,
livin in their golden empty city,

Now I am framed in a motionless blurr,
struck into this strange vision for sure,
while i smile like I dont care,
but i know silently the demons stare,

Will I ever leave this place,
and be back running in the rat race,
Or stay like this in this goddamned shit,
As I try to unclench my broken fists,

I sure miss the beautiful bright Color,
If you know the way out might follow,
just want to scream and Shout,
And let all the Anger out,

But for know i like feelin flat,
empty cold and black,
like a miserable churchrat.



to Reflect or to Shine ?

to Reflect or to Shine ?

Sometimes you dont believe what you see,
The warm Mist in your Mind confuses me,

What looks joyful might be a charade,
with tears buried deep behind the face,

What looks insane might be brilliant,
you just cant see with your darkened vision,

And what looks like love might be empty,
like a balloon deflating spontaneously,

And the choice has to be made again,
what do you trust and what not my friend,

What will be your reaction,
to somebody else's action,

Will you crawl inside your shell,
feeling weak needing outside help,

Will you act in anger created by fear,
destroying your energy while losing your tears,

Or will you Just Reflect someone else,
Acting out their outer skin,
Feelin safe in a state of mental Hell,

Is there another choice in this wicked world ?
To be feelin more then inner cold ?

To Shine might be Sublime,
Living from higher state of Mind,

But trouble is still for you to find,
evil spirits make you Cry,
Will feed off your inner Light.

dont know the answer to this dream,
but i try to Shine and Reflect,

To feel Alive And still be perplexed....


The Parasite

The Parasite

All i want I will bleed,
I dont care what thou needs,

Really need to feed,
from your blood filled bones,
love the tasty things shown,

It sinks deep into your skull,
and eats untill it's full,

Ate your tongue bloody wet indeed,
while you screamed skinned alive like human sheep,

Crush your head with my black arrow,
love digging out your tasty bone marrow,

Feedings of your inner guilts,
of things thou never really didst,

We will make you pay forever,
Your Mind will Detach and sever,
In Utter desolation you discover,
That For you there's no tomorrow,

Better try to find the missing pieces,
of the devil's bloody leeches,
they move around like a riddle
too late, with your guts i have a fiddle,

You left your door unguarded,
So I could enter your Soul,
because you premature departed,
I'm eating through your hole,

At the end my dear dinner,
it's all your own fault,
you chose to be weak you sinner,
I only came here of your own accord,



vrijdag 25 september 2009


Always I am being tense,
feel like i have to jump a fence,
dont feel right on this sphere,
feel out of place in this life,

Must be wanting to go up,
Leave this insane place behind,
Seems thats the only open door,
Remains for me to find,

Everyday i start to feel more sick,
My limbs and mind feel heavy and sore,
Can't even move my eyebrows up,
Feels like my body won't contain me anymore,

The funny thing is i dont even care,
Feel so flat and empty,
Just found out life is not fair,
Is life my fate or my will ?

Once I wanted to get enlighted,
But the light showed the ugliness abound,
Pressured to be also a mindless drone,
If you cant beat you think to join,

But i chose the moral high road,
Rather leave then becoming a venomous toad,
My only way seems up the ladder,
Leaving this suit of organized cells behind,

But why am i here and now ?
Did i come here by my free will ?
Or was i trapped even before birth ?
When I Stepped into this wicked Earth,

I just dont know,I just dont know,
I just dont know,I just dont know,

Maybe I am already everything i can be,
Maybe Ascension is just an easy way out,
Ending the game before it is played,
Leaving the Arena before the final show,

Let's see what the future holds,
And if my Mind will get stronger or Die and Fold.

I just dont know,
I REALLY dont know sHITE ,

zondag 12 oktober 2008

Ignorance is Bliss

Ignorance is Bliss,

Raelity is Shit, 

Sweet Ignorance I Miss


Must be blind,
Not seeing the unkind,
Happy smiling in sweet ignorance,

Feeling high with daily tell-a-lie,
Shiny people with shiny puppet hair,
From the electric tube ,
At me they Stare,

Discreet gestures appear,
Triggers in me hypnotic trancing,
In my mind the symbols are dancing,


Ignorance is Bliss,

Raelity is Shit, 

Ignorance I Miss


Tranced voodoo dolls smile at me,
A hollow cold glare piercing the electric veil,
I see Bewitched actors possessed,
Enslaved by beelzebub no less,

Mind feels dimmed and foggy,
Become empty shell of zombielike reflexes,
Under the unfluence of magical hexes,

Debilitating my human being,
No connection to
the soul plane hidden
By the cold unforgiving,

Rollercoasterride for the outward eyes,
I am freezing inside frame by frame,
Cold chilling, Cold illin,
Alas no Feelin,


Truth is hard,

Ignorance is Bliss,

Feelin Pain is just too harsh,

I'd rather take the pills,



donderdag 2 oktober 2008

accusations agaist mankind - redeem your Selfes

Accusations Against Mankind

You disable your children
You abuse your children
You mindcontrol your children

You traumatize your children
You neglect your children
You miseducate your children

You leave your children
You despize your children
You sell your children

You slave your children
You emotionally scar them for life
You put fear in ther hearts instead of love

You kill their spirit


But you are just you
Sad thing you have been abused yourselfes
You felt too weak to break free
So i cry for you as well

I know in your hearts you did not want this world
A soulless world filled with soulles people
Crying for freedom but living in slavery


Crying is the first step 
Being your emotions you redeems yourselves
and behold 

Your Spirit comes to your aid 
You stop being a slave
Your soul starts to shine bright from
The inside out

Finally acknowledging who you truly are
Reaching out of your shell of trauma
Flying freely again


Understanding your predicament
Feeling strong enough to leave
The prison behind

Landing on happy soil reconnecting to humanity
To the precious youngs, the precious adults and the preciously aged of wisdom,
Even the animals who you do not need to eat

Knowing the sacrifice of the plantspirits 
Because of love to creation
They give us life
Oxygen, food, medicine clothes and a roof over our heads,


Praise for everything around us, 
Only way to praise ourSelfes

dinsdag 22 juli 2008

Ode to Hermes

From Hermes to Satan's example

The great gods of the ages,
have been worshipped by the sages.
the sheeple follow blindly,
Bowing to this fairy tale kindly,

The fantastic fables implanted in the mind,
From a young age a child will find,
It is lesser then all that is around,
It has to be the servant all year round ,


The gods are there to teach me,
Like sheep they want to keep me,
But I rather follow Hermes' example,
Steal their fire and give it to my people,


In all religions in excistence,
Penalty's are in place but you can be forgiven,
The gods you accept and live for,
Are psychic parasites leeching you,

You keep them alive and eternal,
Believe in their scam and you will forever crawl,
Toughts and emotions you think and feel,
Only serve god's needs,


The gods are there to leech me,
They only want to eat me,
But I rather follow Hermes' way,
Acting in my own play,


Here comes Hermes Trismegestus,
Much better for you then Jesus CHristus,
Hermes steals from god to live a free life,
While Jesus saves you but demands the biggest price,

Christ says you be like children blind,
To become enslaved beings instead of free mankind ,
The church propaganda enforces a false story,
It promises heaven but heaven is only for gods glory,

To the gods we are nothing but game and food,
Insignificant small dumb fools,
Just like the sheep are to us,
They also give us blind trust,


The gods are there to hurt me,
They only want to kill me,
But I follow Satan's wicked footsteps,
Bow to no one but my own flesh,


You receive many negative symbols,
Accepting them daily creates your fall,
The Holy rituals of the covenant,
are a nothing but a price for the blood of man,

Shining prophets and mystic storybook,
are just mindcontrol like a mental hook,
controls your body and your brain,
it's a shame, living bound by invisible chains,

They need you to only desire them,
They only feed you so you can feed them,
Weakness and finally death for you,
God is parasitic , you know it's true,


Like cannibalistic predators we kill ourSelves,
Corrupting our soul and human flesh,
By using our force for human gains,
We can finally harness our emotional pains,

The gods must die just like cannonfodder,
Let them get weaker and eat each other ,
I just wont supply these Egregore's,
I'd rather devour Allah and his wicked glory,


The gods are there to ritually murder me,
They only want to devour me,
But I follow Satan's great road,
Bow to no one, i carry my own load,